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King Air 90 & 200 Pilot

Job Description

Pilots must be available to work shifts covering Days, Nights, Weekends, and holidays. Shifts are normally scheduled for 12 hours. 7 days on / 7 off or 14 on / 14 off. Pilots must be reasonably available to assist in charters during their unscheduled time.

Job Requirements:
Must pass Pre-employment drug and PRIA back ground check. Be able to lift 50 or more lbs. Communicate effectively with medical teams and charter customers. Work in both single pilot and crew environments. Preferred Flight Times:2000 Total Time.500 hours MEL. Preference for ATP and Current 135 Experience. Applicants who meet the requirements of CFR 135.243c will be considered.

Due to the time sensitive nature of Air-Medical. Operations the pilot must be able to arrive at the aircraft within 15 minutes of accepting a flight. This also requires the pilot to hold a current driver’s license and have reliable transportation. In addition, the pilot will be expected to pass a pre-employment drug test and participate in the random drug testing program. Strictly adhere to the requirements of FAR 91.17 regarding the use of alcohol or drugs and maintain at least a current second class medical.

Education:  Commercial airman’s certificate with Multi-engine and Instrument ratings.  Current 2nd class medical certificate.

Experience:  2000 hours total time with 500-hour Multi-engine. Preference may be given to applicants with previous Part 135 experience or time in BE20 and C90 model aircraft. Must meet the time requirements of FAR 135.243.

Job Knowledge: Through knowledge of the appropriate portions of FARs Part 1, 43, 61, 91, 119, 135, and NTSB Part 830.

Special Demands: This individual may be subjected to periods of long hours, day, evening, and night work as well as significant weekend and holiday work. Must pass criminal background check prior to employment. Employment verification of past 10 years required. Proof of clean driving record for three years prior.

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Bismarck Air Medical

2301 University Dr. Bldg. 22
Bismarck, ND 58504

Tel: 877-367-4BAM